Humbling Bumbling

It is time to face the huge elephant in my room... The elephant is Online Dating. As someone who has just stepped into her 30s, it is imperative for me to share what dating looks like in 2022. I am sharing some of my fun experiences on a variety of dating apps over the past many years.

This blog is a winding story — some are adages from life, some parts are stark observations, some parts are preachy and some might seem offensive. I would advise caution. But all of this comes from empirical data — most from my own experiences

I have been on and off dating apps since I was in college. But more recently, I became more “approachable” on it. As many women will relate, dating apps make you jaded after a point. The same guy, with the same bike, with the same “Fluent in Sarcasm” as his number one attribute, with the same laundry list of countries he has been to. Thank you! Well traveled gentleman.

To begin with, I am listing some types of men that I found on dating apps. Unfortunately, I am not 60-crore-women, I am just one silly ol’ gal. The list is actually never-ending, and I am sure if I team up with 4 other women on dating apps, we can come up with a 10-part best seller.

And now for the icing on the cake. Here are some screenshots of these wonderful men. And this is just 1% of the screenshots I have. And 000.1% of the screenshot opportunities I missed.

If this image doesn’t load, the universe is on your side
Eyesore induction

Thanks for giving this write-up your 2 minutes. If you have similar relatable stories, let’s get together for coffee.

PS: This writeup is a work in progress



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