Why Sales People Make The Best Partners

Aarti S.
5 min readNov 28, 2018

I have always been in sales. My career started as a sales/marketing person and slowly got pushed towards full-time sales. I was recently speaking to a friend who was mulling over a breakup and she told me that she felt she was expecting too much of him.

That got me thinking about my relationships — my expectations from my friends, and extrapolated this to what I would have in romantic relationships. What do I expect of a relationship? Turns out, my expectations from an “ideal partner” are nothing substantial. Nothing to be held against in a court of law, nothing anyone would hold anything against for that matter.

This brings me to the big “WHY?” And the answer is quite simple…

Sales people choose carefully

For every sales person, their lead list is their Bible. But every good sales-officer knows what potential customers they can include in their lead list. If you are selling an affordable health and wellness product, that caters to lower income families, J.W. Marriott will not be in your lead list. I mean. Come on. You choose your customers based on your abilities, your products’ qualities — just to get the sweet spot between usability and willingness to pay.

In love, sales officers know exactly whom to pursue. If you are the kind who drinks lemon tea in dark alleys, surely you are not going to consider dining at the roof top of the Hilton Hotel, hitting on a spandex clad, Puma accessorized long distance runner? I mean. Come on!!! You choose your potential partner based on your abilities, your qualities to go after them — just to get that sweet spot between compatibility their willingness to date you.

Sales makes you expect nothing

The premise with which a sales officer heads to the field is — expect the worst. You will have no sales today. Maybe you got off from the wrong side of the bed? Maybe your scooter broke down? Maybe a minister passed away? Maybe your product smells like fart? So if a day constitutes of one sale, hoy boy, it is time to celebrate your victory over all the clouded pessimism.

Say, you are a salesperson and you have a crush on this person next door. You are just a gawky, clumsy run of the mill nobody. Maybe you are too talkative, maybe you smile like a clown. Maybe you fumble every time you speak. So if your crush starts smiling at you — Voila! It is time to crank-up the music and dance to “I was made for loving you”

Sales makes you always positive and hopeful

There have been N number of times a salesperson has been turned down. Some blatant Nos, some rude “please leaves”. Of course, we S-force take that with the biggest of smiles. What if they turn around? What if they realise our product is good? What if they see the “real product” beyond the bulky packaging and the extra shiny prints? There will be times when the people who turned you down in a more disrespectful fashion turn around and ordered your product. You wish you could say, “Ha-Ha. Take that you effin’ loser!” But you know, saying that will reduce your target achieved, lose a potential long-term bulk-order customer. So you smile and welcome them. Sometimes you add a “Can I send a few POSMs and FOCs along with that?” *non-existent, masochist in you just woke up*

Those who never comeback are still remembered. Always. Because maybe. Just maybe. They dreamt of you? At least you tried.

Now, such people are always, ALWAYS hopeful of their love interests. They turned you down? You still keep in touch with them. What if they come around asking you out on that much awaited coffee date? What if they realise that it’s all about the “REAL”, inner self?

So if a Mr. Casanova turns down your offer only to comeback and say “Hey babe, wanna grab a cuppa coffee with me?” You smile and say “Maybe I would pay for the entire bill this time, surely this date is going to last longer”. Surely you want to grab the opportunity and make most of it.

Or there could be a chance that we appear in their dreams? Who knows?

Sales people always follow-up with care

Say you got your first customer. It is Deepavali time in your heart, soul, gut, everywhere! You take care of the first customer. You follow-up. “Have you run out of stock? Can I get it deliver to you? Can I personally send it over to you in a golden casket?” You always check on them. How are they feeling? What is hurting them? What is causing them pain? Are they emotionally and mentally strong to use your product? Sales is all about showing that extra care, going that extra mile to fulfil customer demand.

Say you finally get a Yes from that special one. Again, celebrations abound. Surely you did something right? No. No time for self-doubt. They bought into the gimmick, you better live-up to it. You take utmost care of the precious one. You check on them. Follow-up on when they told you they had a bad tummy the previous week. Can you get them medicines for that mosquito bite? Personally hand deliver odomos in a golden casket? Sure you can and you will. You might be having dengue yourself, however, it’s always about going that extra mile.

Sales people wait with a smile

If you are into sales, you are used to waiting for hours, even days, and some of you even months (I hope not in the same waiting lounge) for that first meeting. Ah! The first elusive meeting with a big client. The wait makes your jitter. You feel your stomach churn. Finally, you get to meet them. The CEO? Purchase head? God! Your excitement is indescribable. How would they look? Would they smile when you show them the product? Would both of you laugh at the same payment gateway jokes? Would you both stare at each other’s eyes whistle discussing the credit period? Rwar. Your inner cheetah is awake.

So is your first date. Your date may not show up on the same day. Four hours late? Doesn’t matter. All you care is that the churn in your stomach shouldn’t be loud enough for them to notice, as they enter the restaurant wearing aviators for a dinner date. Of course, your excitement is indescribable. They showed up that is what matters.

Sales is tough. Sales people? Never. Sales makes you see and do things you would never imagine. And if it moulds you to see people and relationships in a different light, you have essentially aced your prospects of finding your special someone. And that is why, sales people make the best partners/spouses/better-halves

Having said that, if you are not into sales and reading this. Congratulations, you have suffered through so much of this blog piece without relating to one bit. Bravo! And I would impart one piece of advice: Date a salesperson, please.

If you are a salesperson and reading this, a big hug to you my compadre. We are in an elite inner circle and I will see you in one of the next sales beats.